SE “USIE IZOTOP” provides maintenance services for medical and industrial radioisotope equipment. Including remote and contact gamma-therapy devices: Teragam, Terabalt, Teratron, Agat-R, Agat-S, Rokus-M, Agat-VU, AGAT-V, AGAT-VZ, AGAT-VT, GammaMed, MicroSelectron, industrial devices for controlling paper parameters produced by TRIGLA, Honeywell companies and others. The service includes mandatory dosimetric control.

The work is carried out by specialists of the Ionizing Radiation Measuring Laboratory of SE “USIE IZOTOP”, certified in accordance with the requirements of DSTU ISO 10012:2005 of the SE “Kyivvoblstandartmetrologiia”. The company’s employees maintain a high level of qualification, regularly undergo training and confirm their knowledge and skills for the maintenance of industrial and medical devices and apparatus.