About Us

State Enterprise "USIE Izotop" is a specialized enterprise with over semi-centennial experience in introduction and servicing of the equipment, facilities and technologies used in operation of radioactive sources.

We work with the top-manufacturers and provide performance of any task in the sphere of radiation technologies.

SE "USIE IZOTOP offers :

  • for medicine:
    • provision and maintenance of remote and contact gamma-therapy devices and accessories thereto, planning systems
    • metrological certification of gamma-therapy devices fields
    • provision and exchange of radioactive sealed sources Co-60 and Ir-192 for gamma-therapy devices Teragam, Terabalt, Cobalt 60F, Teratron, Agat-R (-), Agat-S (-), Rokus-M (-), Agat-VU (-), AGAT-V (-), AGAT-VZ (-3), AGAT-VT (-), GammaMed, Multisource, MicroSelectron, etc.)
    • provision of calibration sources for PET, SPET and dose calibrators
    • provision of radiopharmaceuticals (RPh) for diagnostics and treatment
    • provision of chemical agents for radio-immune diagnostics (RIA sets)
    • provision of materials for scientific researches using labeled compounds
    • acceptance of exhausted radioactive sources for their preparation for long-term storage (disposal)
    • transportation of radioactive materials
  • for industry:
    • provision of radioactive sources
    • exchange of radioactive sources in industrial devices and assemblies
    • execution and registration of permission, licenses, conclusions, certificates in the authorized bodies
    • transportation, temporary storage, preparation to long-term storage (disposal) of exhausted radioactive sources
    • radiation and radiometric monitoring
    • provision and servicing of the equipment for non-destructive testing
    • provision of technological control isotope devices
  • for supplier, manufacturers and organizations providing technical support in sphere of radioactivity protection assurance:
    • representation of the manufacturers producing equipment applying radiation technologies promotion, sale, technical, warranty and after-warranty service
    • transportation of class 7 dangerous goods and arrangement of nuclear fuel transportation
    • participation and support in implementation of international programs against the spread of weapons and materials of mass destruction

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