State Enterprise “USIE IZOTOP” became the only state-owned enterprise that received the “Capital Quality Standard” award

On July 16, 2024, a solemn awarding ceremony for the nominees of the “Capital Quality Standard” competition was held. SE “USIE IZOTOP” was awarded the winner’s diploma.

In particular, the company was nominated for a complex of services for the supply of radioisotope products and equipment that uses radioactive materials, as well as support for the managing of radioactive materials at all stages of their life cycle.

Director of SE “USIE IZOTOP” Volodymyr KALACHYK noted, “For us, this award is a recognition that despite a very difficult period for Ukraine, we not only survived, but also move forward, that the services we provide are about quality, safety and expertise. By the way, among the 14 winners, we are the only state enterprise.”

SE “USIE IZOTOP” performs an important social component, because it works to meet the needs of Ukrainian medical institutions and enterprises. Given the lack of own production in Ukraine, the only way to obtain radiopharmaceuticals and sources of ionizing radiation is to supply them from abroad.

“Simply put, we import the necessary medicines for the treatment and diagnosis of oncological diseases, conducting scientific research. Sources of ionizing radiation, the so-called SIR, are used for radiation therapy, as well as to ensure the functioning of industrial enterprises of various directions. In addition, we provide radioisotope equipment maintenance services,” explained Volodymyr KALACHYK.

He added that accuracy and professionalism in the work of the company’s staff are mandatory, because they work with hazardous substances. Accordingly, SE “USIE IZOTOP” has all the necessary licenses and permits, and specialists of SE “USIE IZOTOP” are constantly improving their skills.

The Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry on behalf of the Department of Industry and Entrepreneurship Development of the Kyiv city state administration organized “Capital Quality Standard” competition. As the organizers noted that one of the tasks of the competition is to identify high-quality domestic goods and services based on an independent and comprehensive assessment of their consumer properties and promote them to the market.

Day of Ukrainian Statehood

July 15 is the Day of Ukrainian Statehood!

Our statehood was born more than a thousand years ago. It has the image of the Trident, which we have preserved since the time of Volodymyr the Great. Inscribed in our DNA with blue and yellow threads – the colors of the coat of arms of the Galicia-Volyn principality.

The history of Ukraine’s statehood is not only a constant struggle for the right to “be”. This is the diplomacy of the Kyiv princes; the culture from the time of Sophia of Kyiv; the strength of spirit and courage of Zaporizhzhya Sich; science and wisdom that developed with the creation of the first universities and libraries, educational organizations.

Today, as every day, we bow to our defenders who defend our Ukraine and its statehood, integrity and values!

Glory to Ukraine! Slava Ukraini!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear friends, colleagues, and partners!
We sincerely congratulate you on the Christmas and New Year holidays!
This is the time when we make our most cherished wishes and believe in miracles a little more than usual. May your most sincere dreams come true.
Let us remember that we become stronger when we support each other, work together, and believe in our Ukraine and Victory!
We thank our colleagues and international partners for their cooperation. We know that we have many more successful projects ahead of us.
May 2024 give us the confidence that each of us will be able to implement our plans, develop our business, state-owned enterprises, industry, and the country as a whole!