SE “USIE IZOTOP” supplies radioisotope products and equipment in which radioactive materials are used, and provides support for managing radioactive materials at all stages of their life cycle.

The main areas of activity:

  • supply of all types of sources of ionizing radiation for medical, industrial and scientific purposes,
  • supply of radiopharmaceuticals for therapy of malignant neoplasms in oncology and diagnosis of oncological, cardiology, neurological and other types of diseases,
  • supply of reference radioactive solutions and labeled compounds for laboratory and scientific research,
  • supply of reference and calibration sources for dosimetric and radiometric equipment,
  • supply of gamma defectoscopes and components for non-destructive testing,
  • supply of industrial radioisotope equipment (levels, hydrometers, moisture meters),
  • supply of gamma therapy devices,
  • provision of services for charging, discharging, recharging of sources of ionizing radiation for medical, industrial and other purposes,
  • provision of services for installation, dismantling, repair, adjustment, commissioning and decommissioning of all types of radioisotope equipment,
  • provision of services for checking the radiation-protective properties of equipment and materials,
  • transportation (import, export, transit) of hazardous goods of Сlass 7 by specialized vehicles,
  • temporary storage of sources of ionizing radiation and equipment with sources of ionizing radiation in a specialized storage of radioisotope products,
  • radiation survey of equipment, territory, objects,
  • services of individual dosimetric control.