SE “USIE IZOTOP” provides the entire range of services on the transportation of hazardous goods of Class 7, including under customs control (import, export, transit).

The company has a fleet of vehicles specially equipped in accordance with the requirements of the Rules for the Safe Transportation of Radioactive Materials (PBPRM-2020) and which meet the requirements set for the transportation of hazardous goods of Class 7.

SE “USIE IZOTOP” has all the necessary licenses and permits for the transportation of dangerous goods, in particular, for:

  • transportation of radioactive materials,
  • transportation of hazardous goods, and hazardous waste by road transport, international transportation of goods by road transport,
  • transportation of radioactive sources by road transport on the territory of the Republic of Poland.

Specialists of SE “USIE IZOTOP” have appropriate qualifications confirmed by the relevant certificates.