SE “USIE IZOTOP” supplies the entire range of radioisotope equipment for medical, industrial, and scientific purposes, technological control devices and gamma defectoscopes.

In particular, the company cooperates with the leading Czech manufacturer in the field of medical equipment UJP PRAHA a.s, which offers TERABALT gamma therapy devices, with the TERASIX x-ray simulator designed for accurate radiotherapy planning, the TPS planning system, which guarantees comprehensive support in the treatment of a patient with radiation.

TERABALT radiotherapeutic set

TERABALT radiotherapeutic set is the successor to the TERAGAM irradiator. It is produced in four versions with a digital control system, a large set of components and additional equipment. TERABALT is a new generation of equipment in megavolt cobalt radiation therapy. The source of radiation is the radionuclide of Co-60. The technical design and efficiency of the equipment guarantee high consumer value in the treatment of oncological diseases.

TERAXIS X-ray simulator

TERAXIS X-ray simulator with the unique VirtualBiemView technology serves to prepare and control the process of radiotherapy treatment. For successful radiation therapy using high-power irradiation, a clear therapy plan is needed, which allows to exclude errors in the chosen method of treatment and to minimize contact with the patient’s healthy tissues during the irradiation. UJP PRAHA a.s. has developed an electronically controlled x-ray simulator designed for accurate planning that meets all the requirements of precise radiation therapy.

Systems of planning and control of the radiotherapy treatment process:

  • PlanW planning system for working with both cobalt irradiators and linear accelerators with a photon or electron beam,
  • TERAGIS control system to prevent unwanted exposure to radiation in case of incorrect setting of the therapy parameters.