Reference and check sources

Reference and check sources

Reference and check sources are intended for measuring devices calibration and check, measuring method certification.

SE "USIE IZOTOP delivers calibration sources for all types of and SPET scanners and dose isotope calibrator.

Depending on radiation geometry the following sources are specified:

  • Point sources
  • Volume source
  • Wide area sources

Customized orders for sources production including sources analogues of (with Sr-90/Y-90 isotope), P (with Pu-239 isotope), 1 (with Tl-204 isotope), 1 (with Co-60 isotope) and other types are accepted.

Isotope, activity, geometry and metrological attestation are agreed by the order.

Delivery period makes up 10 16 weeks. We offer reference and check sources of Polish, German, Czech, Russian production.